Five Travel Instagrams You Should Be Following

Need some travel inspiration? There’s no better way to see the world through the eyes of some of Instagram’s best travel photographers. Whether you are planning your next vacation, need some inspiration of where to go next, or if you’re swapping your stationary life for a nomadic one, these five Instagram accounts are sure to spark your wanderlust.

Murad Osmann: @muradosmann

You’ve most likely seen photos from this Moscow-based photographer’s famous series, #followmeto, where he documents famous places all across the globe– from the Taj Mahal to the Roman Colosseum to the Statue of Liberty.  His photos are made famous by the creative idea that he is led by hand from his now wife, Natalia.  A little romance, (more than) a little travel, and some gorgeous photos proceed.

Chris Burkard: @chrisburkard

If you’re a fan of panoramas, natural landscapes and adventure travel, this California-based photographer’s Instagram account is for you. Burkard portrays “the humble placement of the human in contrast to nature,” and from glaciers to deserts to camping and more, you’ll feel ready to start your next adventure.

Jacintha Verdegaal: @urbanpixxels

An absolute must for the foodie fanatic is this London-based photographer and travel blogger’s Instagram account. If eating is a big part of your traveling goals, or you especially love Europe, be sure to follow for where to pig out, go out and indulge in a food frenzy.

Foster Hunting: @fosterhunting

For those who want to make traveling a way of life, this Instagram account is very inspiring. With a book out titled Home Is Where You Park It, this travel photographer creatively documents his nomadic lifestyle one photo at a time. Finally deciding to put down his roots, he built a ‘big boy treehouse’ aka the ‘Cinder Cone’, parked in Washington located near the Columbia River Gorge.

Alex Strohl: @alexstrohl

If you love snow, cabins and pine trees, you must follow LA and Vancouver, BC-based photographer, Alex Strohl. Working on multiple travel campaigns and projects such as Stay and Wander, this talented eye artfully documents the life of a true explorer.

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