Five Unique Coffee Shops Around the World

Since when did coffee shops become a thing? Perhaps when people started working remotely, or when Starbucks exploded to every corner of every street on the planet? Either way, quality coffee shops these days need to pass a strict checklist to be recognized. Beautiful design? Expertly trained baristas? Globally sourced, high-quality coffee beans? Check, check, check. Here, we highlight five of the most unique, beautiful and sometimes strange places to grab a cup of coffee the next time you’re traveling.

1. The Grounds

Alexandria, Australia

Looking like a picture straight from Architectural Digest, this coffee shop is much more than your average java house. Once a warehouse and pie factory in the early 1900s, this indoor/outdoor space has some of the best coffee and food around. Baristas stay in the know with a Coffee Academy, where you are sure to get the most unique and best cup of the day.

The Grounds

The Grounds

2. The Coffee Academics

Hong Kong

In addition to its gorgeous architecture and interior design, (and the not so normal amount of space available for Hong Kong), this shop puts a unique spin on flavoring your cup of coffee. Expect black pepper and ground spices vs. artificial syrups. Hence the name of the shop, coffee ‘tutors’ are available where you can get schooled in the art of your favorite morning brew.

The Coffee Academics

The Coffee Academics

3. Barista Parlor

Nashville, Tenn.

The space of this coffee shop is what makes it on the list: an old auto transmission shop transformed into a beautiful place to grab a bite. Expect leather and bowtied-clad baristas, vintage artwork and famous musician patrons. Because it’s located in the Music City, Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach partnered with the haunt in order to open a second location in the Golden Sound.

4. Dreamy Camera Cafe

Yangpyeong, South Korea

How would you like to drink coffee inside a two-story Rolleiflex camera? This dream-made-reality came across quite literally by the vision of a South Korean couple, whose goal was to create a space where people can come and share their dreams with one another. “We occasionally worry that we’ve done something wrong whenever someone stays for 30 minutes or less just for a quick look at the cameras or a quick drink of coffee. It’s not meant to function like an average cafe,” says Kwak, part owner.


5. Vintage Emporium

London, United Kingdom

Tucked away in East London you will find a home for a perfect rainy day. A two-story establishment, you can enjoy coffee and tea on the first floor and find vintage treasures in the basement, all the while listening to soft vinyl in the background. Come for inspiration, a place to hide out, or to travel back in time just for an afternoon.

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