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Introducing FlyingYak’s Barcelona Ambassador:

Barcelona Ambassador Montse

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“I’m sure I was born with wanderlust 😉 Because of my German father and my Spanish mother, my two sisters and myself were always used to travel since we were kids. My desire to travel has been growing considerably over the years.”


A Traveler’s Tale

“I was living in a small apartment in the upper area of Barcelona; it was a mini apartment with very nice views. A friend of mine told me he did a vacation home exchange and how great the experience was for him and his family; I’d never heard of holiday home exchange before. I was not very confident. Nevertheless, I decided to sign up for the site that specialized in contacting people from different places to exchange their homes for a short vacation time.

Fuente Montjuic, Barcelona, Spain

Fuente Montjuic, Barcelona, Spain

I had 15 days off and didn’t care much about what would be my destination, the question was going out of town a couple of weeks. I had no hope I would find someone to spend his/her holiday in my tiny Barcelona apartment. I ecstatic to receive a proposal from a lady who lived in Miami who was interested in visiting Barcelona. The pictures of her house were beautiful and it was located a few meters away from the beach! We exchanged emails over the course of a few weeks and finally agreed on the dates. I repeated to her several times that my apartment was very tiny but, she insisted it was no problem for her.

I arrived in Miami a couple of days before she left for Barcelona. She was extremely friendly, picked me up at the airport and took me home. The biggest surprise was when we got home; the house was spectacular with huge garden, gardener, and big pool! It was so amazing but I was still worried about her reaction when she’d arrive to my little flat (compared to this stunning house).

Torre Calatrava, Barcelona, Spain

Torre Calatrava, Barcelona, Spain

Two days after my arrival, she left for my tiny Barcelona apartment. And yes, I spent two beautiful weeks in Miami in a wonderful place, hoping that the nice woman was also enjoying her holidays in Barcelona. Once the trip was over, I returned to my apartment, and had another great surprise, she left me a nice gift and a kind letter saying how much she enjoyed her days in the magical city of Barcelona and that the apartment was perfect and wonderful for their needs. We are still in touch and often remember that trip as one of the best! This experience reminded me that each of us has something interesting and amazing to offer others.”

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