Cities With the Most Expensive Junk Food in the World


Almost everyone is guilty of indulging a junk food frenzy when hunger hits and the price is right. The most infamous junk meal of them all? The McDonalds McMeal of course. In honor of Junk Food Day, our FlyingYak team searched our proprietary database and compared the price of a McMeal (or its equivalent) in over 2,000 cities to find the most expensive cities when looking fulfill your junk food fix. While well-known cities like Geneva, where the McMeal averages $14.79, didn’t surprise us, we were pretty surprised at some of the other top cities. Below are the top 5 most expensive cities in the world for a McMeal. Wonder how your city stacks up against the rest? Check the price of over 100 different items in your city against thousands of others with our compare cost tool.

  1. Gembloux, Belgium – $21.88              
  2. Khumasi, Ghana – $20.008714030289_f3c869d299_z
  3. Luanda, Angola –  $19.00                    9184505666_0d6d998aaa_z
  4. Kongsberg, Norway – $18.56          2693773563_05963d250d_z
  5. Siauliai, Lithuania – $18.25           




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Britanny Carter

Head of Marketing at FlyingYak
After traveling to 21 countries and 4 continents this past year while working as a digital nomad, Britanny has joined the FlyingYak team to lead our marketing and business development initiatives. Britanny’s insights have been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, ABC, CNN, Bloomberg and several other major publications.