Top 5 LGBT Cities on A Budget; Gay Destinations that Won’t Break the Bank

The Castro of San Francisco, Oxford Street of Sydney and Soho of London are renowned for their thriving LGBT scene, however, visiting any of the aforementioned cities can put a major dent in your wallet. Our top 5 budget cities ensure fun-filled days and debauchery-filled nights without breaking the bank. Want some more recommendations? FlyingYak’s LGBT filter highlights nearly 100 cities across the globe, with the ability to pare down your selection based on your budget, interests and more.

1) Sao Paulo, Brazil

pexels-photo-45917Sao Paulo consistently ranks at the top of every LGBT list, and for good reason. The city’s gay pride parade is the largest in the world, with a staggering 2.5 million attendees. Check out for things to do and a comprehensive neighborhood guide.

What you’ll pay:

Budget: $41 per day

Basic: $75 per day

Ballin: $294 per day


2) Bangkok, Thailand

200095_1008713989750_4063_nWith the average beer costing less than $2.00, Bangkok lets you live in luxury for a fraction of the cost. Head over to The Gay Passport for all the top LGBT spots to meet locals and fellow travelers alike.

What you’ll pay:

Budget: $32 per day (yes, you can go cheaper if you want to hostel it up and eat street food)

Basic: $57 per day

Ballin: $294 per day

3) Puerto Vallarta 

18532620774_8e59e81187_oA mere two hours from Los Angeles, Puerto Vallarta‘s thriving LGBT scene is the perfect spot for some surf and sun. OutTraveler’s Definitive Gay Guide to Puerto Vallarta will ensure you hit the top spots once you arrive.

What you’ll pay:

Budget: $22 per day

Basic: $46 per day

Ballin: $164 per day

4) Mykonos

Mykonos has long been known for its welcoming locals and classy locales. Spot some celebs and leverage Travel Gay Europe’s Mykonos guide to take advantage of all the island has to offer.

What you’ll pay:

Budget: $64 per day

Basic: $138 per day

Ballin: $410 per day

5) Providence, Rhode Island


The idyllic town of Providence boasts old town charm and top eateries for the pickiest of palates. Topping our list in terms of prices, a basic budget goes far here in terms of value and the city ranks on several top lists for the queer community . The city even has its very own glambassador, Haley Star, sharing the best of the local LGBT scene.

What you’ll pay:

Budget: $79 per day

Basic: $154 per day

Ballin: $516 per day



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